promise...Will it be broken?!?!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Elloz everyone...some promises that people make with you will not be fulfilled out and instead broken...I just experience that...U may call me lame or childish but it is just that everything is so complicated.We made this promise on Friday going out but in the end, the person I made this promise with said cannot.She needed to Study and with a understanding mind, I said that it is okay.She can just forget about this promise.Although I didn't really mean it but doing a gd thing make u feel nice!=) So...If u are reading this, nvm
I wish u made full use of the day 50%=( and 50% =) So...Do send in your comments and I will read it the soonest I can...Do u think wat I did was the right thing?But to say the truth, I dun believe her on something...Dun think quite gd to say...=)Sryz...To stop u from studying but really wish that u can stick to this promise...Do u think u can???YL , my jie...This blog is specially made for u.tHIS Is yh...


Blogger a little girl said...

i'll bring u out more often after the holidays k. im sorry but i really have to study. it's not that i want to break my promise, i'd love to bring u swimming but i realise i'll be wasting my time cos i will not be swimming. why not u go swimming with mummy on saturday while im havng tution, then after that we can have dinner together =)

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